Teaching and Writing Again (A Little)

by beccaborrelli

Last week I guest taught for a friend’s 9th grade art class. We talked about curating using social media, and began with a simple exercise in curating images inspired by one word. A young girl approached with a collection of images about courage. She looked me in the eye and (I sh*# you not) said:

I think courage is just fear… [pause for effect], but like taking the fear and using it. [pause to ponder] You know, using fear the way you want… rather than like, I don’t know, it using you?

When I left teaching in 2010, so left the bug to write on this blog. I suppose there was  a little a lot of blame involved– chalking it up to laziness, fear that I wasn’t legit, bla bla bla…

Of course I’ve dabbled with teaching while waiting tables and wrapping up a thesis at the University of Texas. I lead gallery tours for school aged kids at the Blanton Museum of Art, and lead an after school art club… But something about teaching in a formal school setting (and an arbitrary comment by a crazy wise 15 year old) caused Brazen to explode back onto the scene. I only wish I had considered how awkward it would be to talk about an alter ego in the third person when I stopped writing anonymously.

The co-creative energy working with young people is addictive for me. Creating an experience for collaborative growth, and then reflecting on it (sometimes brazenly, sometimes less so) here on this blog is a brand of fulfillment I wish everyone could experience.

Last night I made a quick doodle inspired by the her comment.

I’ll be needing to keep this nearby as I wrap up my last semester in grad school, face the reasons I left public education, find my true north, and get creative with my fear.



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