As Powerful as the Hand

by beccaborrelli


I stumbled across this today and thought:

“THAT is hanging in my next teaching space.”

A reminder of our energy’s creative punch.

I won’t put the reminder on the wall for my students. That will just be a happy extra.

First and foremost it will be a personal reminder.

To paraphrase Jim Henson:

Kids don’t remember what you teach them. They remember what you are.

What if my thoughts about a child can be felt like my hand?

[some will find this dramatic]

I suspect it sounds dramatic because we grew up in a culture which struggles to understand what is intangible to the five senses.

I am not exempt from this struggle.

Yet I ponder more and more:

It would be violent and destructive to hit a student who upset me. Could you imagine a teacher doing such a thing? They would be fired on the spot. We can see with our eyes the pain it would cause… hear with our ears the damage it would do. Such a teacher would be regarded as the antithesis of a loving cultivator of learning.

Yet what if the teacher’s thoughts were as powerful as the hand?

There have been moments when a child upsets me and at best, my energy is that of a cheesy car salesman:

I smile with a calm voice… the portrait of a perfect teacher… while inside I am disgusted with them. Inside I am judging… Giving up on them. My anxiety is bubbling over and I want this child out of my sight.

Can the child feel this as plainly as if I had laid a hand them?

Maybe not consciously.

Can the child see the damage my thoughts are doing?

Maybe not with their eyes.

It has been interesting for me coming to Austin. In this town large communities of people regard energy as this creative.

Thoughts as powerful as the hands.

I must remember that just because my thoughts are silent to a child’s ears…

blind to their eyes…

unfelt by their skin…

… does not mean they are silent, blind or unfelt to the child’s heart.