Making (Again)

When I lived in Miami during 2003-4 I met an artist who taught me a lot about the business of art making. He allowed me to work space in his studio for cheap if I ground his paints periodically.  To this day, he is the hardest working artist I’ve ever met. His pastels and paintings capture the material and intangible essence of Miami landscape.

When I returned to Ohio at the end of ’04, I utilized what I had learned to build a warm market. I was getting so many commission requests I began a waiting list in 2005. I should have been excited, but I struggled with combining love for art making within the framework of a job. In 2006 I stopped doing art upon request. In 2009 I stopped making art all together. It’s blasphemy for an art major and teacher but easy to let happen.

A few weeks ago I resurrected my high school doodle style and began drawing again. I plugged the drawings into mandala shapes and coupled them up with quotes for fun. Imagine my surprise to receive purchase requests for these things. At the risk of sounding foolish I won’t perseverate too much why the heck anyone would want swirly doodle drawings derived from a 16 year old’s notebook margins. If you like swirly doodles send me an email and I’ll mail you a print for $20 plus shipping. Eventually I might figure out the paypal thing.

For now I’m posting them to tumblr. Below is the most recent. As I pored over my quote file I discovered this from one of my favorite artsy scientists Michael Doyle.