Democratic Name Calling

by beccaborrelli

Saying she would not tolerate name-calling in political debates, Christine C. Quinn the City Council speaker, walked out of a rally on Monday after a participant derided New York’s mayor as “Pharaoh Bloomberg.”

I stumbled across this in my twitter feed this morning: “Christine says in Democracy, name calling not allowed.”

It made me think:

In a democratic classroom, would a teacher allow name calling?

Not sure of many that would.

Name calling is commonplace these days I suppose…

On the national stage.

In the media.

Yesterday I read a thought provoking post on name calling in the teacher’s lounge.

Yesterday I made fun of Arne Duncan. 

Why do I hold myself to a different standard than my students? (Or society’s adults to a different standard than its children?) Maybe I hold different standards, because I hold fast to an idea that we are separate… that the energy I put forth into the world is separate from the energy I expect from my students.

If believing we are all separate has created this world full of problems and pain, why do we still draw from this belief when addressing current problems? If I want a more loving world, why write a post as if I’m better than Arne Duncan?