Study Break

by beccaborrelli

I’ve learned tonight while writing at Spider House :

Bloody Mary’s, Portishead, and Christmas lights make schoolwork far more enjoyable. That being said, it was a poor decision to combine vodka with abstract thinking. Ah well… ordering iced coffee to save the day/ my attention span.

In the meantime, I stumbled across this video after my sister Facebook-shared last semester. It’s a great short film reminding the college and non-college bound what really matters when everything is stripped away. You’ll have to watch it twice to appreciate it.

While philosophizing over tomato juice and Absolute Peppar– with the impending “holiday of thanks” fast approaching– I began to reflect on what truly matters to me. There are quite a few things I’m grateful for. More than anything however, I’m grateful for the ability to be grateful.

Not that “regurgitated grateful.” Not the: “I love my family, I love Jesus, I love the children in Africa” now I’m going to go mow over Black Friday shoppers in a Best Buy parking lot with my Ford Expedition.

Truly, deeply, grateful.

Here’s the cliche Thanksgiving post/question:

What would matter most to you if all else was taken away?