Hello, My Name is Rebecca

by beccaborrelli

A few years ago I began loosening the chains around this blog. A friend once told me he found this blog by cross referencing my name with email accounts. Apparently I was never truly anonymous anyhow.

My 2011 New Year’s Resolution was to link TBT to my personal Facebook. That was a neat experiment. In June I created my first iMovie post which was in effect, letting the first part of the cat out of the bag. Today’s post is the whole cat.

Regardless, I will always be Brazen. I have little desire to make this Rebecca Borrelli’s blog.

First AND last name. I feel so brave.

The era of anonymity is over and now is an appropriate time– I have been excited to link TBT to Longhorn Confidential— The University of Texas’ student blog. I was over the moon about being selected as their graduate student writer, and linking my school blog with this one has been a goal for a few months. It’s small beans, but I’m kind of proud and wanted to share.

A few changes will commence today.

First: One SMALL brazen post a week. No more novellas. The novella approach isn’t sustainable as is apparent by month long silent gaps.

Second: How to do the whole blog subscription thing? I’ve always manually visited blogs I liked. That’s not very conducive either. Any suggestions for keeping up with y’all better? Google Reader is Japanese to me.

It’s been a pleasure to write as Brazen for nearly five years. Now it’s a pleasure to write as me.

I’m excited to meet you.