I’m Back With a Question for…. YOU

by beccaborrelli

I’m leading a workshop in two days for young art educators (good Lord this means I’m… old-ish) using artwork by Nigerian artist El Anatsui as a platform for investigating the “Self that teaches”, as well as the vital role they personally play in a larger learning community.

Bla bla bla… academic, schmacemdemic, insert big words here…


SO… for those who still read this blog (even after long unoccupied bouts of nothingness), I was inspired to ask YOU- the teachers whose wisdom has helped me during quite a few struggles- to consider reflecting on these questions:

“Why did you start/ still continue teaching?”

“What advice would you give your First-Year teacher self?”

Responses will be uploaded to a powerpoint that scrolls throughout the workshop. Your words will literally be utilized as an inspirational tool during our art making. This workshop is about building community among teachers. The blogosphere is overflowing with compassionate, wise, and incredibly talented teachers supporting one another. Please consider sharing your stories if for no other reason than you may potentially touch the life of a teacher you’ve never met.

Feel free to post answers in the comment bar, or email them to brazenteacher@gmail.com by noon on October 20th.

Love and Artsiness,