Letter to Mr. Obama

by beccaborrelli

Per a recommendation to do something different from one teacher, I am rallying courage.

The primary New Year’s Resolution for 2011 was to stop blogging anonymously. For six months I’ve linked my personal facebook to this blog, and was overwhelmingly relieved  happy to discover that people didn’t think I was a complete nerd liked it.

On an unrelated note- this year I applied for a workshop that required me to make a video bio. I had an absolute blast learning to use Garage Band, and iMovie. Yay MacBook.

On unrelated note number two- I’ve been festering over President Obama’s Race to the Top reform plan for quite some time. Not a fan. When I read this article my political frustration, New Year’s Resolution, and intrigue with iMovie came together.

This post= WAY out of my comfort zone.

Fingers crossed.