If You Were Me…

by beccaborrelli


The Art Critic. Raoul Hausmann. 1971.

I have a request. Kind of a small request. And also kind of big at the same time.

In order to help with this, you will have to imagine that you are me.

Yes, you- an insanely gorgeous Art Teacher from Ohio. Feels good right?

Now that you are me, you have found yourself applying for graduate school. Well, really only one graduate school. And schools don’t really care about dashing good looks, so you are trying to show them you have a brain.

In your resume you have linked to your class blog, your Linkedin account, and listed all the great things you’ve done in your career. But what about this personal blog? Would you let graduate professors read this? The place were you say the “F” word and sound less than contrary?

It would be ballsy, no? Or would it be suicide? Quick, you have less than 24 hours to decide before you become “you” again, and I become “me” and mail off this application. Ready. Go.