Mad As Hell

by beccaborrelli

I started TBT one point five years ago because I too, was mad as hell.

More than being mad as hell- I felt like I was completely alone in my madness. Most of the people in my life then and now seemed content to deal with the world as it was, while easing the discomfort with “Housewives of Orange Country” or shopping at Target for new, cheap shit.

Don’t get me wrong. I just bought ten pairs of dollar socks from the red bulls-eye. But every time I contemplated the consumerist world that survives by raping the earth and each other I started to feel the wrinkles deepen under my eyes. And I was noticing… most of my friends and family weren’t getting wrinkles over this.

I bring this up because I know I must sound like a cynical fuddy duddy on this blog. It’s one of my fears when I write. When I first started blogging- the combo of naive and negative was a turn off for many people (who told me so.) I know how I sound(ed). I just couldn’t/can’t help it. We don’t get mad at a newborn for crying for food… don’t get mad at this 29 year old for balking at her newfound realization the world she’s inherited is f’ed up. It’s a developmental stage, okay?

Just the other day I logged onto Facebook and saw my very wealthy, white, 30 something neighbors applauding the passage of Issue 3… a hot button topic in my state that will allow the development of Lake Erie Casinos.

If one would research casino development, they would fine zero examples of social and economic long term advancement. Except for Vegas. Niagara, Detroit, Windsor, Atlantic City (aka all the normal cities that aren’t located in a desert)… suffer rises in crime, social and cultural depravation etc.

So I was the unpopular one. I posted facts about Issue 3. My neighbor remarked to me within five minutes:

“I might agree with you in a few years- I guess I just don’t think as deeply about these things as you. I like gambling. I like going to Pittsburgh and Windsor.”

Well that pissed me off. To the readers, friends and everyone-freaking-else:

I don’t think deeply okay? I don’t even get “mad” in the literal sense. Outside of this blog I like to think I’m a pretty pleasant gal. I just observe things through 29 year old middle class white girl eyeballs. And what I observe makes me… MAD.

A cohort once told Harry Truman: “Give ’em hell Harry!” To which Truman replied:

“I don’t give them hell. I just give them the truth and it feels like hell.”

All this aside- reading about all the shit in the world from a northeast Ohio Art Teacher every time you visit is probably depressing and nominally annoying. I realized a few days ago:

I don’t know what this blog is.

I’m not offering much in the way of Education news (or any news for that matter), lesson plans, philosophy, humor or wit. What the “F” am I doing here?

This is a disclaimer:

I don’t know what I’m doing here.

All I know is that I’m mad as hell. And I wish more people were too.

If you’re okay with that- I invite you to stick around.