The Universe Speaks

by beccaborrelli

I love this too much not to share.

If you visit you can sign up for free emails each morning called: “Notes from the Universe.” The site is headed up by motivational guru Michael Dooley. Far from cheesy… I truly look forward to these beautiful messages each morning.

Here is the one I received today:

When it comes to setting aside a little time each day to visualize, Brazen, look at it like this:

No matter how distracted you become or how confused you are about the process, the simple fact that you gave your dream this time and attention means you did it correctly, you did it long enough, and that by the time you open your eyes, already in the unseen, huge wheels have begun turning.


You think I’d make it hard?

Your humble servant,
The Universe

How do you not have a fabulous day after reading that?