Art, I want you

by beccaborrelli

Everything that begins as a twinkling in my brain is profound. The echo of ideas banging between my ears often lead brazen hands to fumble for the laptop case. Yet as it (the idea) travels down my brain stem through my arm and my hands… somewhere along this path it (the idea) picks up mountains of crap which spew out of me onto metaphorical paper. My eyes always betray me then. Didn’t this just sound like Buddha himself when it was residing in my cerebral cortex?

I spend hours rewording the crap so that it doesn’t sound like crap. Or egotistical crap. Or needy crap. But rather crap that is worthy of someone else’s time. Someone else’s attention. Someone else’s “give a damn.”

And the rewording process… while rewarding… is also tedious and often easy to procrastinate. If you walk by here regularly, you will notice that the last stint of procrastination lasted 3 weeks.

And it would have gone on much longer, but I received a video today from another Art Teacher. Since I wanted to share it with you, I realized I would have to write something to go with it. For reasons I’m unsure of/positively sure of- the words you have just read above, were flowing quite freely this evening. Apparently there was less crap in my brain stem to pick up today. Buddha decided to show up.

So here ya go.

The clip that prompts me out of blog hiding, is coincidentally a clip that explains what causes brazen teachers to become a blog hermits for 3 weeks at a time. You know what I mean?