by beccaborrelli


Tomorrow marks a long awaited departure for12 days in Italy.

6 days biking Tuscan countryside.

3 days in Florence.

3 days in Rome.

I admit I never blogged about it because I was afraid a dream devouring creature would crawl out of some abyss and have my plane tickets for breakfast… ingesting my hopes and fantasies along with it. This is my first time in Europe. My grandparents are homegrown degos, and they haven’t been back since the 1920’s. Part of me feared I would never make it either.

But since he (“he” as in dream devouring creature)  has not shown up, and my plane departs tomorrow at 2:27… I am making the news public. This is not to brag (eh… ok a little) but to tell you I will not be writing 14 days from tomorrow. Well except some pictures. I promised people some pictures.  Please understand, it’s not you. It’s me.

Ciao i miei amorie!