New July Resolutions

by beccaborrelli

A Woman and a Cat. Max Lieberman. 1878

A Woman and a Cat. Max Lieberman. 1878

They say… (“they” meaning those who have authority on such things) that:

“We hate in others what we hate in ourselves.”

Which got me to thinking about what
I hate in others…

Namely upper middle class, white, educated, overly concerned yuppies. The types who buy energy saving light bulbs to promote feelings of a progressive variety. Those who can conversate on an array of topics (and make up words like ‘conversate’) over martinis with great dexterity- yet becoming curiously stagnant in nature when action-orientation is involved. Namely, someone like… well you get the idea.

And while posts highlighting my personal flaws aren’t normally fodder on this blog… I feel it’s important for those who stumble here (“here” meaning this log of a Caucasian, 28 year old, yuppie teacher rambling) to understand that they are reading the material of a reformed whiner who occasionally falls off the wagon. Of course, if we’re being truthful… I’m off the wagon so much I’m walking the trail behind it. And while whining without doing creates fabulous illusions of self-importance, it poses roadblocks to personal evolution.

Which has led me to conclude that a whining restraint is in order. At least no more intentional whining… or rather, “no more intentional repeated whining.” It is a self-appointed intervention lest I turn into a sixty year old cat woman, lecturing on topics of disinterest to others without abandon, whilst retreating from society into a cave of internet chat rooms and glasses of boxed wine. Currently I’m 32 years, 4 cats, and 3 hand-knit sweaters away… which is awfully close for comfort*. Your help with this matter is greatly appreciated.

*Use of exaggeration to create urgency**.

**Use of Disclaimer, lest readers believe brazen teachers to drink boxed wine whilst staring at computer screens in an erroneously literal sense.