What They Don’t Teach You in School (and should)

by beccaborrelli

The Dream. Salvador Dali. 1931

The Dream. Salvador Dali. 1931

I am in my head WAY too much.

No, not you Brazen. You always make so much sense.

I know, I know. I am pretty succinct.

And sarcastic.

The past weeks I’ve focused on generic topics, and cool links. None of which were very popular with readers. Thankfully this leads me to believe perhaps I’m the reason you people come over here. Sadly, sometimes I don’t feel like I have much to offer.

Here is an example of how thinking too much causes itsy bitsy problems.

Tonight I was having a nice conversation with an Ex. Okay, a recent Ex. Like last Monday we broke up. But I digress. We both obviously really care about each other, but were fighting constantly. Over things like health care and his tone of voice. I can fight people into the ground. I can kill a topic with a shovel many times over and never be tired. I love getting in my brain.

The problem is… my brain doesn’t have my best interests at heart. Which would make sense since these organs are not remotely close to one another in the body. We were having a nice conversation about how “I think too much.” And after about an hour of listening to kind advice from The Boy, I gently said:

“This conversation makes me feel like I need to be fixed.”

Which led to some stifled retaliation and long sigh on the other end. “I just thought we were talking about what you wanted to talk about,” said The Boy.

To which I replied: “I just was hoping you would tell me, ‘you don’t need to be fixed, Brazen.” Guess that’s what I get for fishing for a certain response eh?”

“Well I’m at CVS now… gotta go pick up some Shaving Cream… so I’m going to go okay?”

“OK…. Goodbye.”

Quiet click. Well cell phones don’t click. Which in my opinion was a perk of the 1980’s chorded models but what do I know.

Why didn’t they teach this in school? Like how to maintain peace in one’s mind. Because I am getting in the way of my own happiness here. I think. everything. to death. What about a class on Mindful Thought Processes. It would be some theory but mostly practicum. Lots of focused activity like meditating, gardening and doodles on newsprint.

Oh riiiiight… schools aren’t built for kid’s happiness. What was I thinking?

But they did help me become a productive participator in a consumption based economic system. Sweet. We have arrived at the meaning of life.

Class dismissed.