The Sketchbook Project

by beccaborrelli

Sketchbook Project

I am freaking out. In a good way.

Last week I got my sketchbook in the mail from some very creative-cool people over at the Art House Co-op who created The Sketchbook Project.

The details: You sign up, pay 18 bucks and get a 5×7 book with a theme. Your job is to fill the book, send it back to them by December 1st- where it becomes part of a traveling exhibition for one year.

You don’t have to be an artist. You don’t even have to be GOOD. It’s for anybody, with any level of ability. All books received will be accessible to the shows’ patrons. The books will be available for authentic holding and flipping pages. My assigned theme is: THE AFTERMATH. I designed the covers last night.

For fun, I’m tagging some readers to participate in this, but if you’re reading, consider yourself zapped. If you decide to get a book. we can be Sketchbook Buddies.

TAGGED: Pixie, Samurai, John Spencer, Karen, Lorie, and Clarisse

These are people who I feel comfortable enough to calling out publicly in class here. As always, permission to decline is acceptable. Unlike real classrooms, the quiet kids cannot be gently prodded with a ruler. If this excites you, what are you waiting for?