Brazen New Ideas

by beccaborrelli

Fairy Ink

by: Brazen Teacher. Fairy Ink. 4.2009.

I love Elegant Design. When I say Elegant I don’t mean the classical Sistine Chapel sense. Rather more the simple, minimalist sense. Think Macs, not PC’s. Ikea, not Pottery Barn. MOMA, not Smithsonian. I became tired of looking at the boring, and confusing design of my old blog. Not that I connect boring and confusing with Pottery Barn. “Hear what I mean, not what I say,” I guess. This is the long, brazen way of telling you how I ended up over here.

I have certainly been cursing up a storm since WordPress isn’t nearly as user friendly as Blogger. But they seem to tolerate my verbal abuse while I learn what I’m doing. And the interface is much prettier no?

Please have patience with my learning curve, and hopefully a softer, and less confusing Brazen will emerge. In the meantime, I would love to know what you think. Cheers!